T-Type Sand Machine

T-Type Sand Machine

From the first day we serve until today, we worked on mineral structures such as river stone, limestone (aggregate), basalt, chrome, boron, calcite, mountain sand and nickel. These crushers are designed for crushing materials in soft and medium hardness. The high-speed rotating rotor breaks the material by hitting them to the crush wedges. Sand machine allows you to obtain fine and cubic products. It gives the product in the gradation according to the sand size distribution requested by concrete plants and asphalt facilities. In river stone max. 80 mm, quarry stone max 250 mm feeds are made. The machine body frame is produced in 4 pieces.

This product, which is manufactured under the name of sand machine, is also known as tertiary crusher. In terms of operating principle and body shape, it falls under the impact crusher category. Desired sizes in the sand machines are in the range of 0-5 mm, 0-5 mm range of the desired product requires operation of the machine at high speeds. Because abrasion is very high in these sizes, to reduce abrasion, special plates in different line and geometrical shapes are used in the machine and outside of the body. To achieve efficiency at high speeds, rotor and way of attaching the rotor on the body are produced precise.

Material feeding size is one of the most significant features of the sand machine we produce. Feed size is 250 mm. Setting group range is 0–150 mm.These operation dimensions apply to all mineral structures, similar crystal mesh structures crystal and working conditions stated in this design. Swing body is opened and closed by a hydraulic system. These features facilitate to carry out tasks such as controlling swing wear plates (crush wedges) side door and wall linings, hammers (wedges) Rotor balance, cleaning interior of the machine at the end of business day, grading adjustment and allows for system maintenance in a proper position and safe environment.

MODEL B L L1 L2 H G G1 G2 A Weight (kg)
KM150T 570 1936 2485 3040 1970 2200 3070 1530 263 19000
KM130T 570 1936 2485 3040 1970 1776 2645 1380 263 13000
KM120T 570 1936 2485 3040 1970 1900 2770 1230 263 12000
KM110T 570 1936 2485 3040 1970 1410 2145 1015 211 10000
KM650T 570 1936 2485 3040 1970 1120 1855 730 211 7500
MODEL Inlet Rotor Speed (rpm) Rotor Width (mm) Max. Feed (mm) Engine power (kW) Max. Capacity (ton/hour)
KM150T 570-1520 800-1100 Ø 1124-1500 250 315-355 300-350
KM130T 570-1320 800-1100 Ø 1124-1300 250 200-250 200-250
KM120T 570-1220 800-1100 Ø 1124-1200 250 200-250 150-200
KM110T 400-1000 800-1100 Ø 1124-935 250 160-200 150-180
KM650T 300-670 800-1100 Ø 1124-650 250 110-132 80-110