Sand Machine (Tertiary Crusher)

Kum Makinesi (Tersiyer Kırıcı)

Tertiary impact crushers are high-speed and used for producing fine material. Tertiary crushers are durable machines with low operating costs used for obtaining fine and cubic materials by hitting the plus sieve materials to the opposite fixed pallets by the crushing pallets on the rotor rotating at highspeed.

Features and Benefits :

  • Because of the rotor rotating in both directions and their reversibility, both faces of hammers can be used.
  • Due to the special design of crush wedges and rotor rotating at high speed, low filler (powder) ratio, and high ratio of obtaining sand.
  • Easy maintenance with full open lids on both sides.
  • Gives the product in the gradation in line with the sand size distribution requested by concrete plants and asphalt facilities.
  • For river stone max. 80 mm, for quarry stone max. 150 mm feed.
MODEL B U U1 G G1 G2 A Weight (kg)
KM1300 310 2230 13458 1785 12611 1380 263 16000
MODEL Inlet Rotor Speed (rpm) Rotor Width (mm) Max. Feed (mm) Engine power (kW) Max. Capacity (ton/hour)
KM1300 300-1350 800-1100 Ø 1380-1560 150 250-2*200 200-250