Primary Jaw Crushers

Primary Jaw Crushers produced by SARIÇELİK brand are designed for intensive and highcapacity working conditions. The machine works synchronized with the Bunker and Feeder in the Crushing, Screening, Washing and Stocking facilities. This product is used as the Main Crusher (Primary) on the mineral structures with product hardness above 3. main features All components used in manufacturing Jaw Crushers are controlled products that are produced considering the reports during the design and implementation process. Reliability of our products manufactured in machine production is the experience of specific analysis and reports in the treatment processes. Required spare parts of our machines are available in our stocks.

Due to this infrastructure, you will have a performance not giving a chance to your competitor. Wearing parts are designed to provide high performance. As SARIÇELİK brand, we optimized every small detail to ensure high performance and reliability. SARIÇELİK jaw crushers are praised by its users for its reassuring strong design. One-piece main body made of tension-free sheet metal is resistant to high crushing pressure. Jaw settings and joint plate changes are made with the help of the hydraulic system. Upon request, automatic lubrication system can be applied.

Processes you can apply;

  • Copper Mines
  • Iron Mines
  • Crushing Iron Dross
  • Chrome Mines

  • Granite Mines
  • Opal Mines
  • Basalt Mines
  • Mines of mountain sand with high percentage of silica
Model H1 H2 L1 L2 W1 W2 øD
PCK90 1600 2200 2270 2450 975 2138 1200
PCK110 2230 3030 3100 3200 1155 2507 1600
PCK140 2478 3400 3400 3650 1480 2772 1845
Model Inlet (mm) Flywheel Speed (rpm) Engine Power (kW) Max. Jaw Opening (mm) Weight(kg)
PCK90 650x915 270 110 250 16000
PCK110 850x1075 220 132 310 37000
PCK140 1100x1420 220 160 420 48250
Model 60 75 100 125 150 200 275 350
PCK90 50-80 70-100 90-135  140-195   
PCK110    100-150 150-210 190-260 250-340  
PCK140      270-330 250-410 450-500 500-700